Hi! It's great to meet you!
I'm an experienced graphic designer with a passion for paper, stickers and stationery. I've been designing in the industry for nearly two decades, and have created thousands(!) of products throughout my career. 
Along with product design, i've also created branding & packaging, client presentations, print collateral, digital & social media ads and posts, UX graphics and website designs, and display graphics for trade shows & events.
A maker at heart, I'm always creating something new! When I'm not digitally designing you can find me in my studio leatherworking, teaching myself stained glass or laser cutting a new project, screenprinting family reunion t-shirts, creating local art installations, or just testing out recipes, restoring our adorable vintage camper, boating up the Hudson river and relaxing with my family.
My designs have Been carried by the following retailers:
just a sampling of "Shaena makes stuff" projects:
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